The Evergreens Tealight 6 pack
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The Evergreens Tealight 6 pack

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Get the fragrance of The Evergreens in our set of 6 tealight pack!

The dark and earthy scent of the Evergreens tealights are comforting and cozy, like an adventure in the foggy woods on a cool morning. The top notes of cypress greet you with a woody scent with a slight hint of spice. The middle notes are all trees - evergreen, cedar, and redwood. Fir and moss base notes continue the woody and earthy theme. Amber adds a sweet element to the mix, and tonka bean brings it all together.

Made With Care

We are proud to offer hand-poured, small batch tealights that are made with care. We love our products and we know you will too!

The Evergreens Smells Like…

TOP NOTES: Cypress

MIDDLE NOTES: Evergreen, Cedar, Redwood

BOTTOM NOTES: Fir, Amber, Moss, Tonka

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